2016 The Arts

As part of the The Andrew Reed Series, we will be holding a range of events throughout 2016 focusing on how The Arts can help break down the barriers between advantage and disadvantage.  Reed's School and its Foundation are delighted to be working with our 2016 partner charities: Future Talent, Children & The Arts and The Orpheus Foundation.

The 2016 Debate will focus on the Arts and its role in breaking down social barriers which comes at a critical and most topical time. Just as scientific research is highlighting irrefutably links between access to the Arts at a young age and cognitive development, funding sources are being squeezed. Only those children whose families have the means to pay for classes privately, attend shows, and purchase materials or instruments are being exposed in any meaningful way to the Arts and the proven benefits of it. We risk the Arts becoming a class issue when it has the power to bridge cultural divides, provide opportunities and strengthen the character of all children.

From Reed's School's experience of working with disadvantaged children for over 200 years, we can see the transformative effects of music, drama, and creative arts. For some it is simply an outlet, which allows them release themselves from the pressures of their home life and to make friends, whilst for others it becomes a career, providing them with opportunities to travel with world.  Some of our Foundation pupils have gone on to become internationally recognised musicians and artists attending such prestigious institutions as the Royal Academy of Music, The Royal College of Art, Oxford and Cambridge as well as performing and exhibiting at the Royal Academy,Glyndebourne and Glastonbury.

The success of the 2014 and 2015 Debate has been driven by the breadth and depth of not only the challenges raised, but also the solutions being proposed and acted upon by society in general.  As an example, when a query was raised about how to get children in deprived areas to take part in after-school sports activities, the suggestions ranged from changing parental perceptions of the importance of sport, to the need to establish the activities either at the school or within walking distance, to simply ensuring that children are given the correct kit to participate.  We shall be looking to find some of the solutions to the question:

“Can The Arts help break down the barriers between advantage and disadvantage amongst young people?”

Please see Debate timetable below; more details of our guest panellists and how to book will be released shortly.

Timings for 2016 Debate

Debate title

“Can The Arts help break down the barriers between advantage and disadvantage amongst young people?”

5.30 pm
Doors open, guests arrive and register
5.45 pm
Drinks reception in The Crypt of the Guildhall for all guests (720 maximum)
6.35 pm
Guests seated in Great Hall
6.45 pm
Debate commences with guest panellists and Q&A session with audience
8.15 pm
Dinner for Speakers and Sponsors in The Old Library
10.30 pm

2016 Partner Charities

Organisation Profile

Children & the Arts engages with disadvantaged children nationwide who do not have access to high-quality arts activity because of either social or economic barriers. Through a network of partners we use the arts as a platform to inspire and enable personal and social development amongst those who are hardest to reach.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have three levels of sponsorship available for the Debate with a wide range of benefits associated with each level; please click here to find out more about these opportunities.

Highlights from 2015 Debate